• Spiral bevel gears

    Up to 100" diameter.
    For more than 90 years, Brad Foote Gearing has stood for excellence in precision gearing solutions.
  • Loose Gearing

    We have the largest spiral bevel cutting equipment in North America
    Brad Foote produces the highest quality loose gearing for customers around the world.
  • Gearing For Wind

    Optimize your gearbox, increase wind energy output, and extend gearbox lifecycle. Check out the infographic!
  • Gear Heat Treating

    We boast one of the largest captive heat treatment facilities in North America
    Need fast turn-around on your heat treating? Our state-of-the-art facility covers 50,000 square feet, and features a computer control room to monitor heat levels, carbon potential and the cycle time of each heat treat load. See this amazing process for yourself in the video below!
  • Gear Finishing and Superfinishing

    Transform Your Gears to Boost Gear Performance
    With extensive finishing and superfinishing capabilities to meet tight tolerances and industry standards, Brad Foote can exceed the ever-increasing quality requirements of the most demanding applications.

    Gearing and Gearbox Testing

    With a team of on-staff metallurgists and a full metallurgical lab, Brad Foote’s comprehensive testing capabilities include:
  • Wind Turbine Gearing Solutions

    Maximize your investments.
    Drivetrains are at the heart of your wind turbine revenue stream. When it is time to service gearboxes or replace gearing parts and components, trust Brad Foote's DriveMAX powerful precision gearing expertise to help you get the job done. We have produced more than 4,500 MW of wind gearing.

Brad Foote Gearing Capabilities

For more than 90 years, Brad Foote Gear Works, a Broadwind Energy company, has delivered gearing solutions to the oil, gas, mining, power generation, steel industries and beyond. Brad Foote features state-of-the-art gear cutting, heat treating and testing capabilities. With a complete offering of spur, helical, double helical, bevel and spiral bevel gearing, catalog and custom gearboxes, and repair services, Brad Foote is your one-stop shop for precision gearing.