Geared for Wind

Geared for Wind

Precision Wind Gear Manufacturing Replacements

For decades, we’ve manufactured customized wind gear sets and components for some of the top manufacturers of wind turbine gearboxes. Our ability to manufacture ore rebuild to your exact standards and OEM specifications is our core strength, helping to keep your gearbox running smoothly. We offer some of the best lead times available in North America, and guarantee on-time delivery. So if you need wind gearing manufacturing on a dime, you can count on Brad Foote Gearing for superior, precision new and regrind capabilities across all wind gearbox makes and models. We also offer gear cutting, tooth grinding, and heat treating on customer-supplied materials. So let us help solve your wind gearing challenges today!


Brad Foote Gearing helps to power America with the cleanest, most advanced wind energy solutions by upgrading wind turbine gear boxes with upgraded DriveMAXTM gearing components for maximum efficiency and energy output. This results in a reduced total cost of wind gearbox ownership that drives down the cost of wind energy, extends gearbox lifecycles, minimizes maintenance expenses, and increases wind power energy output overall. Brad Foote's American-made, world-class wind gearing supports wind turbines across the U.S. and augments the roll out of the Clean Power Plan.

*Assumes 15 MW wind turbine at net capacity factor 33% availability 95%, revenue per MWh $50, 8 year gearbox life, 20 year PPA, and 15% cost of capital.

Wind Gearing Solutions

Maximize your investment and drive down cost.

Drivetrains are at the heart of your wind turbine revenue stream. When it is time to service your gearboxes, trust Brad Foote's powerful precision DriveMAX™ gearing to help you get the job done. We have produced more than 4,500 MW of wind gearing.

Offering a legacy of leadership in precision gearing systems—built over 90+ years— Brad Foote’s deep experience and ingenuity in tight-tolerance gearing is unmatched.  Our team of engineers diagnose and resolve complex drivetrain issues. What makes us different? 

  • State-of-the-art 350,000 square foot manufacturing footprint
  • Largest climate-controlled grinding room in the U.S. housing 13 form tooth grinders
  • Strict quality assurance protocols capable of grinding to AGMA 15
  • In-house AGMA grade 3 heat treatment
  • In-depth failure mode Root Cause Analysis (RCA) process offering advanced performance DriveMAX gear sets
  • Deep experience manufacturing a wide variety of wind gearbox OEM gearing


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Wind Gear Sets Available

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Wind Gearing Case Study

“We validated and quantified the life extension improvements we designed to solve the original issues with the ring gear with Sentient Science's robust third party modeling system.” —Joseph Reisinger, Vice President Product Management

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