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Leading marine construction company choses Brad Foote for custom engineered two–speed dredging gearbox.

Marine Industry Case Study

In business for nearly a decade, this leading global marine construction and infrastructure company specializes in dredging and tunneling technology for channels, levees and shorelines, as well as building hurricane and natural disaster protection structures around the world.

We designed the custom industrial gearbox for use in multiple configurations and various dredging applications to meet the needs of a wide range of marine projects,” states Richard Tallerico, Engineering Director at Brad Foote Gearing. “They needed a highly flexible service application for dredging, and we delivered exactly what they needed.”


Solving Maritime Infrastructure Problems Every Day

Problem: The existing gearbox could not deliver the flexibility required to meet customer needs or function in a wide range of dredging projects. This lack of flexibility hampered their ability to serve customer needs, and limited the scope of work they could perform, making it challenging for the company to grow into new market segments and fulfill project specifications.

What they Wanted: A more flexible, controllable gearbox to drive the dredge pump on board of a hopper dredger.

What They Got: Brad Foote custom- engineered a two-speed industrial gearbox which offered greater control of the speed and depth of the dredge pump. The new design not only improved operational performance and flexible control of dredging depth and pumping distance, it also minimized operational costs and enabled this company to increase its market reach.

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